Zing Ear ZE-208s E89885 Wiring Instructions


  • Before rewiring any ceiling fan, turn off electrical current at source by switching off circuit breakers.
  • WARNING: Failure to disconnect power supply to ceiling fan may result in serious injury or death.


  1. Detach switch housing or light kit from the ceiling fan and disconnect the kit wires.
  2. Unscrew the switch nut fastened to the current fan switch.
  3. Lower the fan switch and attached wires cautiously from the switch housing.
  4. Check wires and make sure to observe and write down which color wire from the fan is connected to which wire on fan switch (1, 2, 3, L).
  5. Carefully cut the four wires from the existing fan switch using wire stripper and set it away.
  6. Strip wires around 1/2 inch.
  7. Refer to step 4
  8. Connect the Black wire (L) from the new fan switch to wire from the fan you noted.
  9. Connect the red wire (1) from the new fan switch to wire from the fan you noted.
  10. Connect the Blue wire (2) from the new fan switch to wire from the fan you noted.
  11. Connect the White wire (3) from the new fan switch to wire from the fan you noted.
  12.  Secure connection between the wires using wire connectors by twisting them clockwise (CAUTION: Connection of wires must be tested and verified, otherwise it may result in fire hazard, electrical shock or serious injuries).
  13. Remove nut from the new switch, feed the threaded part of the new switch through the specified hole in light kit, then secure the switch with the nut.
  14. Re-wire the light kit and re-attach it to the fan.
  15. Connect power to the ceiling fan and test the new switch.

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22 Comments on “Zing Ear ZE-208s E89885 Wiring Instructions”

  1. My wires are black, grey, purple, and brown. I wrote down where they went from the old one and only low works now

  2. Please help! My chain broke on my ceiling fan switch! It broke within the switch so it will have to be replaced. Problem is that my 4 wire colors do not match what is advertised. On one side of the switch they are orange and black. On the other side they are yellow and blue. Any recommendations as to what to do and a replacement switch and schematic for matching wires up? Switch is Zing-Ear ZE-208S.
    Thank you

      1. My switch is ZE-208S. Color of wires are orange/black/yellow and blue. Don’t know which terminal the black wire was connected to . Fan was in office work area so I was limited for time and had to reassemble.

  3. Yes that is the number on the switch inside my fan. ZE-208s. My colors are orange/black/yellow and blue. I do not know which terminal number the black wire was connected to since I put the fan back together. Only had a small amount of time to work on it since it’s above a secretarys work desk

      1. I have a Z 80 208S for a harbor breeze the wires are pink gray black and yellow how do I wanna do is switch up

  4. Have “DEFOND” E72989 switch which is broken, requiring replacement. 4 wires. Colours on the broken switch – L=red, 1=black, 2=blue, 3=black

    Switch type to replace broken one, indicating wire colouring.

  5. What do you do with the white wire from the cord to the fan. This is a floor fan on a pedestal. There is a red wire a black wire and a white wire. Where do they go?

  6. Replacing a fan switch ZE 268s6 ( colors and inst #, L=Black, 1= Grey, 2= Brown, 3=green, ) can not match these numbers to new colors, advice ?

    1. Hello,

      If the old switch is the same exact model as the new switch then connect wires the same way as in the old switch based on the terminal number.

      Thank you

  7. Have a Zing Ear ZE-208 E-89885
    Has 6 wires
    Double decked
    4 positions
    2 positions have 2 wires
    Bought a ZE-208D ll but dose not work.

  8. I am installing a ZE_208s II E 89885 switch in my ceilng fan. I can’t seem to be able to push the wires into the new switch. They are stripped to the proper size. Any suggestions

    1. Hi,

      Please note the following:

      • The wires should be inserted into the holes on the side of the switch not the holes on the surface.
      • We mentioned in the wiring instructions to remove the wires from the old switch not to cut them because multi-strand wires are solid and soldered together so they can be attached to the switch.

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