Zing Ear ZE-268s2 Wiring Instructions

  • Turn off electrical current at source by turning off circuit breakers
  • Do not cut wires, multi-strand wires are solid and soldered together so they can be attached to the switch
Zing Ear ZE-268s1 / ZE-268s2 Diagram


  1. Note the color of each wire and the terminal number to which they are connected
  2. Remove wires from the old switch
  3. Insert wires into the new switch as in the previous switch (see step 1)
  4. Connect power to the ceiling fan and test the new switch

Switch Wiring Based on Capacitor Connection (Your Capacitor configuration May Vary)

The capacitor has 3 wires with 2 μF readings. The two wires on one end of the capacitor are attached to terminal 1, and 2 on the switch.

  • L= Attach to reverse switch
  • 3= Black wire (Power)
  • 2= Larger/higher reading from the capacitor
  • 1= Smaller/lower reading from the capacitor

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