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Zing Ear ZE-208s5-1T Nickel Finish

Zing Ear ZE-208s5-1T Wiring Instructions

Before you start: Turn off the power supply to the ceiling fan Proceeding to replace the switch without disconnecting the power may cause electrical shock, fire hazard, serious injury, or death Steps: Write down the color of each wire and the terminal number to which they are attached Remove wires from the old ceiling fan. If wires are […]

Zing Ear ZE-215 Lighted Rocker Switch ON

Zing Ear ZE-215 Lighted Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram

Turn off the power supply to the machine or appliance before re-wiring or installing this switch Failure to disconnect power supply may cause a fire, serious injury or death The photo below explains what is each spade terminal used for based on the schematic embossed on the plastic body as follows: Terminal (1): Ground terminal for […]