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Zing Ear ZE-268s1 Wiring Instructions


  • Before rewiring any ceiling fan, turn off electrical current at source by turning off circuit breakers
  • Failure to disconnect power to the ceiling fan may cause electrical shock, fire hazard, serious injury, or death
  • Do not cut wires to remove the existing switch


  1. Make a note of how wires are connected to the switch (color and terminal number)
  2. Remove wires from the old switch
  3. Attach wires to the new switch as in the previous switch (see step 1)

Color Codes For Fans (Your Fan Wires Color & Position May Vary)

  • Harbor Breeze ceiling fan: L=Black, 3=Purple, 2=Brown, 1=Gray
  • Hampton Bay ceiling fan: L=Black, 3=Gray 2=Brown, 1=Purple
  • Hampton Bay ceiling fan – Alternate colors: L=Black, 3=Yellow, 2=Purple, 1=Red
  • Hunter ceiling fan: L=Black, 3=Green, 2=Brown, 1=Gray
  • Some other ceiling fans: L=Black, 3=Gray, 2=Yellow, 1=Red
  • Some basket fans: L=Black (power), 3=Black (not power), 2=Blue, 1=Red
  • Some exhaust fans: L=Black (power), 3=White, 2=Brown, 1=Red

Additional Wiring Guide

  • L: Black
  • 3: Attached to motor wire
  • 2: Attached to motor wire
  • 1: Attached to reverse switch terminal

Capacitor Information

Usually, there is no connection between this switch and the fan capacitor; however, the capacitor should have one microfarad reading and should have 2-3 wires. Two of the wires should be the same color on one end, for example, one end has 2 reds and the other end has 1 White

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  1. paul chervatin

    I have a 268s1 switch but the wire choice is red, red, brown and blue. can you help the fan is from global 30″ oscillating fan

  2. Celing fan with black,white,red,yellow and blue wire. Putting in new Zing ZE-268S6 switch.What wire goes in what hole?

    1. Customer Support

      For ZE-268s6 wiring instructions, please check this link:

  3. George Adams

    Hi, I have a ceiling fan with: Black, Yellow, Orange, and Purple wires. Please send wiring diagram.
    My switch is a ZingEar 268S1.

  4. Tom Higgins

    I have a Zing Ear ZE-268S1 3 speed switch for a ceiling fan. I have 4 wires, black, brown, purple and green. Could you send me the color coded wiring diagram for placement of the wires.

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