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Zing Ear ZE-110 Brass Finish

Zing Ear ZE-110 Wiring Instructions


  • Before rewiring any ceiling fan, turn off electrical current at source by switching off circuit breakers.
  • WARNING: Failure to disconnect power supply to ceiling fan may result in serious injury or death.

zing ear ze-110 diagram


  1. Make sure the existing light switch has 3 wires. If there are 2 wires, A 2-wire switch is required.
  2. Check wires and make sure to note and write down which color wire from the fan is connected to which wire on existing switch.
  3. Strip wires around 1/2 inch.
  4. Connect the black wire (L) from the new light switch to wire noted in step 2.
  5. Connect the red wire (1) from the new light switch to wire noted in step 2.
  6. Connect the blue wire (2) from the new light switch to wire noted in step 2.
  7. Secure connection between the wires using wire connectors by twisting them in a clockwise (Connection of wires must be secured, otherwise it may result in fire hazard, electrical shock or serious injury).

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  1. Does this model replace Zing Ear E-89885? We have a Trade Winds fan with 4 side lights and one central down facing light. Pull chain worked for off, all 4 side lights on, only central light on, and all 5 lights on. The pull switch broke.

    We replaced with off brand 2 speed, 3 position pull chain switch , followed the wire placement as previous (L- red, 1 – black, and 2 – blue, but now we only have 4 outside lights on, or middle down light on, not all 5 at once.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. I have the same question as Joyce – will your “Zing Ear ZE-110” replace a Zing Ear ZE-100 (which is also labeled E-89885)? I am not electrically brilliant but can easily replace same with same – don’t want to do the wrong thing!

    1. Customer Support

      Hi Caroline,

      Unfortunately, we do not have any information about switch model ZE-100; however, we have included all information about switch model ZE-110 on this page:

      Thank you

  3. Dennis Hawks

    Do yu have a wiring diagram that includes an S-05A , 0112 capacitor with the ZE-110?

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