Zing Ear ZE-602 Plug-in Dimmer Switch - ON
Zing Ear ZE-602 Plug In Dimmer Switch 150-Watt

Zing Ear ZE-602 Plug In Dimmer Switch 150-Watt


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  • Zing Ear ZE-602 plug-in dimmer switch converts floor and table lamps to dimmable lights
  • Designed for fast and easy installation
  • Features light indicator for easy access in dark spaces

Zing Ear ZE-602 plug in dimmer switch controls the light on the table & floor lamps with a rotary turn knob. No wiring needed, simply plug the dimmer switch into the outlet, and plug the lamp into the dimmer. Plug in dimmers don’t just help save energy but also extend the lifespan of your light bulb. Zing Ear ZE-602 provides full range dimming with on-off settings and includes light indicator for easy access in the dark spaces. This plug in lamp dimmer switch has a UL approval in the North America and comes with two prongs.

ZE-602 Plug in Dimmer Switch Specifications

  • Dims table and torchiere floor lamps
  • Easy turn mechanism allows you to adjust lighting to ideal level
  • Extends the lifespan of your light bulbs and saves energy
  • Compatible with incandescent and halogen light bulbs only
  • No addition wiring required
  • Elegant design for your home or workplace
  • UL approved (USA and Canada)
  • For indoor use only
  • Electrical rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, 1.2A, 150W

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