Zing Ear ZE-03A Inline Rheostat Variable Dimmer Switch 300W


  • Electrical rating: 120VAC 300W
  • Full-range with ON-OFF setting
  • Used in lamps and speed control fan kits
  • Wiring kit and wiring diagram included
  • UL (RU) listed


Zing Ear ZE-03A switch with a plastic shell, great for replacing worn-out or defective dimmer or a variable fan speed controller.

ZE-03A Applications

  • Lamps
  • Speed control for gas fireplace fan
  • Speed control for wood stove fan
  • Speed control and electric motor control for fireplace blower kits

ZE-03A Replaces

  • Golo SC-239B E115041 (Black plastic cover)

Zing Ear ZE-03A Specifications

  • Electrical Rating: 120VAC 300W Max.
  • Type: Rotary dial rheostat variable dimmer switch
  • Function: Full range with ON-OFF
  • Easy to install with complete wiring kit and wiring diagram included
  • Has an aluminum heat sink designed to prevent the risk of fire
  • B500K Potentiometer resistor
  • Indoor use only
  • Two wire leads
  • Plastic shell
  • UL (RU) listed

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