Zing Ear ZE-109 Wiring Instructions


  • Before rewiring any ceiling fan, turn off electrical current at source by turning off circuit breakers.
  • CAUTION: Failing to disconnect power supply to ceiling fan may cause serious injury or death.


  1. unscrew light bulb[s] and fan light kit glass shade[s].
  2. Detach fan light kit, disconnect the wiring and set it aside.
  3. Unscrew switch nut and carefully move light switch away from its housing or light kit (Make sure the existing light switch has 2 wires. If there are 3 wires, A 3-wire switch is required).
    Cautiously cut the two wires from the existing light switch using wire stripper and set it away.
  4. Strip black wires around 1/2 inch.
  5. Connect one black wire from the light switch to one black wire from the ceiling fan.
  6. Connect the other black wire from the light switch to the other black wire from the ceiling fan.
  7. Secure connection between the wires using wire connectors by twisting them in a clockwise (Connection of wires must be secured, otherwise, it may result in fire hazard, electrical shock or serious injury).
  8. Unscrew nut from new fan switch, and carefully push fan wires and fan switch into switch housing.
  9. Mount the switch by feeding its threaded part through the designated hole in switch housing or light kit.
  10. Secure fan switch using the nut.
  11. Add glass shade[s] and light bulb[s] to the light kit.
  12. Connect power to the ceiling fan and test new fan switch

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2 Comments on “Zing Ear ZE-109 Wiring Instructions”

  1. Which wire is hot and which is the ground? The switch has 2 black wires not different colors to distinguish between hot and ground

    1. Hi,

      The wires on the switch are interchangeable that is why they are both black.

      Thank you

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