Zing Ear ZE-208s5-1T Wiring Instructions

Before you start:

  • Turn off the power supply to the ceiling fan
  • Proceeding to replace the switch without disconnecting the power may cause electrical shock, fire hazard, serious injury, or death


zing ear ze-208s5-1t wiring diagram

  1. Write down the color of each wire and the terminal number to which they are attached
  2. Remove wires from the old ceiling fan. If wires are hard to remove, insert a paper clip into each hole (numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, L) and pull the wire out
  3. Make sure that the wire lead length is the same length as the line beside word “STRIP”
  4. insert the wires as noted in step 1
    Wires should be inserted into the slots on side of the switch not the holes on surface.

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