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zing ear tp-01 touch lamp control front view

Zing Ear TP-01 Wiring Instructions

Before You Start:

  • Turn off electrical current at source by switching off circuit breakers.
  • Failure to disconnect power supply to the lamp or lighting system may cause electrical shock, fire hazard, severe injuries or death.

TP-01 Touch Lamp Control Wiring Diagram:

TP-01 Wiring Simulation:

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    I have a touch lamp with a Zing EAR TP-05 120v 300w control. The lamp does not turn off so I presume the touch control went bad. The lamp is rated for a 60watt incandescent bulb. Can I replace the touch unit with a Zing EAR TP-01 rated for less watts ? Also can I use a led or cfl bulb after I rep[lace the ZAP unit. Thank you

    1. Customer Support


      If you are looking for TP-05, we have it available on this link:

      Thank you

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