Zing Ear ZE-700-15 Thermal Push Button Circuit Breaker 15 Amp


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  • 1-Year warranty
  • Fast shipping
  • Current rating: 15 Amps
  • Voltage Rating: 125VAC, 250VAC TC2/OL1/C1, 50VDC
  • Features a push to reset button that pops out with the circuit breaker trips.

Zing Ear ZE-700-15 miniature circuit breaker replaces similar style switch breakers such as Yeu Sheng, Carling, Tyco P&B, Rong Feng, Airpax, JoeMex and Hosiden.

Zing Ear ZE-700-15 Applications

  • Household and commercial appliances
  • Transportation, telecommunications, marine, medical, and power supplies
  • Power tools including table saws, sharpers, routers, bench saws.
  • Exercise equipment

Product Specifications

  • Part number: ZE-700-15-MH
  • Standard rating: 15A
  • Input power: 125VAC / 250VAC / 50VDC
  • Interrupt capacity: 125VAC x 1000A, 250VAC x 2000A
  • Insulation Resistance: >100M Ohms
  • Dielectric Strength: 1500 VAC / 1 Minute
  • Contact Endurance: 125VAC x 150% of Rated Current – 500 Cycles
  • Panel mounts in a 0.430 inch (11 mm hole)
  • Function: manual push reset / Auto reset
  • UL approved

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