Zing Ear ZE-215 Rocker Switch 2 Prong SPST 15A 120V


  • Function: ON-OFF
  • Two Prongs / Terminals
  • Commonly used in appliances, electric fireplace heaters, bench grinders, etc.
  • Panel hole cutout required (approximately): 1/2″ x 1 1/8″”
  • Replaces Rong Feng RF-1001, RS-2-1P1T-L, and 602101 rocker switches

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Zing Ear ZE-215 rocker switch is small in size and can handle 15A at 125VAC or 10A at 250VAC. For safety measures, this switch is UL recognized in united states and Canada. ZE-215 replaces Rong Feng RF-1001, RS-2-1P1T-L, and 602101 rocker switches.

Used To Replace ON/OFF Switches For:

  • Electric fireplace heaters like Twin Star and Charmglow.
  • Bench grinders such as Ryobi (BGH615 6″, BGH616, BGH625 6″, BGH826 8″, BGH827, BGH6110 6″, BGH825, BG612, BG612, BG828, BG828, BGH6110SB, and BGH6110SB)

ZE-215 Rocker Switch Specifications:

  • Function: On-Off
  • Press-in design
  • Fits in 1/2 in. x 1 1/8 in. panel cutout
  • Easy to install with 2 spade terminals (Pins)
  • Single pole single throw design – SPST
  • Small in size- dimension: 35mm wide x 32mm tall (including pins)
  • Electrical Rating: 15A 125VAC – 10A 250VAC – 1/3HP 125VAC
  • UL recognized(USA): WOYR2.E89885
  • UL recognized (Canada): WOYR8.E89885
  • Material: Plastic body

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