Zing Ear ZE-215 Lighted Rocker Switch 3 Prong SPST 15A


  • Function: ON-OFF with three spade terminals
  • Standard panel cutout: 1/2 in. x 1 1/8 in.
  • Perfect for appliances, electric fireplace heaters, bench grinders, etc.


Zing Ear ZE-215 lighted rocker switch can handle 15A at 125VAC or 10A at 250VAC. It is small in size and easy to install with a snap-in design and has a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) contact form.

The newest model of ZE-215 has the circuit schematic as follows:

  1. Ground for the neon lamp
  2. Connects the accessory
  3. Power source

This 3-Prong Rocker Switch Replaces:

  • Carling LRA911C, Gardner Bender GSW-42, Philmore 30-395, 30-390 and 30-556
  • Rong Feng RF-1001, and RS-2-1P1T-L
  • ZE-215-1 used in Twin Star and in Charmglow electric fireplace heaters
  • Kema Keur SR-22 used in electric fireplace heater


  • Range hoods, machinery, and appliances
  • Exercise equipment, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and handheld appliances
  • Electric fireplace heaters (e.g. Twin Star 33E05-0546-CO511, 33E05-0521-C0436, 33e05-0519-A0891, 33E01)
  • Bench grinders

Zing Ear ZE-215 Lighted Rocker Switch Specifications:

  • Function: On-Off
  • Shows red light when on
  • Press-in design
  • Fits in 1/2 in. x 1 1/8 in. panel cutout
  • Easy to install with 3 spade terminals
  • Can be installed in enclosures or snap-in panels
  • Single pole single throw construction – SPST
  • Small in size- dimension: 35mm wide x 32mm tall (including pins)
  • Electrical Rating: 15A 125VAC – 10A 250VAC – 1/3HP 125VAC
  • UL listed (USA): WOYR2.E89885
  • UL listed (Canada): WOYR8.E89885
  • Material: Plastic body

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  • FAQs page
  • Have a question about this 3 prong rocker switch? Click here to contact us
  • Zing Ear ZE-215 wiring diagram


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