Zing Ear ZE-116M 3-Way Rotary Lamp Light Switch


  • Model number: ZE-116M or ZE-116
  • Function: OFF, L-1, L-2, L-1-2
  • Rating: 6A 125VAC – 3A 250VAC
  • Mounting hole required: Width=3/8in – Depth=3/8in or less
  • UR (UL) recognized
  • CSA approved
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Compatible with:

  • Canal CS50-R Series
  • Shine Top E218558
  • GC Electronics 35-1857

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Zing Ear ZE-116m 3-wire light switch controls two light circuits This 3-way rotary light switch is compatible with 3/8in mounting hole and offers single pole triple throw (SP3T) circuitry.

ZE-116M is Compatible with

  • Canal CS50-R Series
  • Shine Top E218558
  • GC Electronics 35-1857


  • Table lamps
  • Floor, torchiere (pole) lamps
  • Ceiling canopy lights
  • Can replace 3-speed fan switches that have 3 wires only
  • Used in motels or hotels to control light fixtures above the bed
  • Other applications that require such multi-position switch construction

Zing Ear ZE-116M Specifications

  • Function: OFF, L-1, L-2, L-1-2 (OFF, Light 1 ON, Light 2 ON, Both lights ON, Both lights OFF)
  • Model number: ZE-116M – ZE-116
  • Control method: Turn knob
  • Electrical Rating: 6A 125VAC – 3A 250VAC – 3A 125VL
  • Compatible with Incandescent, Halogen, LED, and CFL light bulbs
  • Material: Metal up shell
  • Switch construction: 3-wire, 3-way, SP3T
  • Leads length: 5 inches each (18 AWG)
  • Mounting hole required: Width=3/8 in Depth=3/8 in or less

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