Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord With ZE-04 Dimmer Switch


  • UL listed salt lamp replacement cord
  • Comes with full range cord dimmer switch
  • Perfect fit for most rock salt lamps
  • Light bulb socket size: E11 or E12

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Himalayan salt lamp cord with a dimmer switch is used to fix your existing rock salt lamp or to upgrade it from regular on/off switch to a full range cord dimmer switch. This replacement cord is made especially for salt lamps without a metal ring around the hole in the light bulb base, however, it is compatible with most Himalayan rock lamps.

  • Safe to use salt lamp replacement cord with UL certification
  • Designed to fit most salt lamps
  • Full range cord dimmer switch to adjust your salt lamp to the brightness you need

Salt Lamp Cord Specifications:

  • Voltage: 120VAC – 240VAC
  • Wattage: 75 Watt max.
  • Dimmer switch model number: Zing Ear ZE-04
  • Cord length: 6ft
  • Bulb socket size: E11 or E12
  • UL recognized (USA). See certification here ATNZ2.E136609
  • UL recognized (Canada). See certification here ATNZ8.E136609

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